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Lost in Wonderland
wasteland of all my interests/ shouts of outrage. Includes: crap ton of kpop, anime, Marvel, clothes, Asian culture, increasingly scary amounts of reblogging my tumblr crush, and some other random things...
1 month ago
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► from Oban Star Racers OST
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Watch "All I Need - Vitamin String Quartet Performs Radi…" on YouTube

All I Need - Vitamin String Quartet Performs Radi…:

2 months ago
"Music causes my depression just as easily as it cures it."
— Me
2 months ago

That feeling when you’re looking for a song but all you can find are stupid remixes or songs by the band that AREN’T the song 5 our looking for?

5 months ago

tokiMONSTA The World is Ours

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"Somebody’s Watching Me" Cover by Anna Waronker. Featured in the Carrie Diaries (2013) episode 4 in the ending scene.

1 year ago
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"Lua" by Bright Eyes. Katoosha, the Pandora radio I’m about to make is dedicated to you for reblogging the lyrics to this song.

"You wanted good schools, and friends with pools. You’re not a contra.
You wanted rock and roll, complete control. Well, I don’t know."
— I Think Ur A Contra, Vampire Weekend
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Thanks to chrisanthomum for leading me to this awesome song from American Horror Story Asylum!

"Pater Noster" by Richard Einhorn and Anonymous 4

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Never Let Go- Utada Hikaru music box version.

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Dance Without You by Skylar Grey used in Step Up Revo

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Lullaby from Pan’s Labyrinth. Music box version

Mr. Brightside

Now I know what song it is… It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? Me and my unreliable memory..

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People by Audrey Ryan. The song was used in one of Paige’s solos.

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Magneto’s theme from X-Men: First Class soundtrack.